Pettysave App Updates — total balance, adding cards, referral system, savings plans and more!

Update your Pettysave app and start enjoying our improved user interface

We’ve made some brand new features available on the Pettysave app. Keep reading to learn what’s new and how to use them. Also, don’t forget to update your Android or iOS app so you can take advantage of all these exciting updates made just for you!

Taking feedback into consideration, we’ve improved our user experience in the following ways:

This was done to eliminate the confusion between total balance and funds that can actually be withdrawn. For example:

Oyin has a total of N550,000 in her Pettysave account. However, N300,000 is in investments, N150,000 is in Vault and N100,000 is in autosave. If she attempts to withdraw N200,000, she will be unable to do so because her investments haven’t matured and a vault can’t be withdrawn from till plan maturity. So, her total balance is N550,000 but her funds that can actually be withdrawn is N100,000.

Also, you can easily hide or display your balance just by tapping it.

You can delete old cards without any hiccups now. Any plan connected to the deleted card will be paused and activated the moment a new debit card is attached to it. Find out more about using your debit cards on Pettysave in this article.

Easy access to actions like changing/replacing card(s) and a better overview of your savings plan and interest.

We now collect the income level of new and existing users in order to provide a more personalised and tailored experience.

With constant research on the best ways to implement our referral system for the benefit of both us and our users, we have updated our referral commissions. So, whenever you refer someone new to Pettysave, you earn a referral bonus as usual and a referral commission (daily bread) on only their first investment as opposed to every investment they make. Read more about our updated referral system in this article.

BVN is no longer required to match your Pettysave account name

Update your Pettysave app today to find even more of our design upgrades, bug fixes, and performance enhancements all created to serve your financial needs better!

About Pettysave

Pettysave enables you to attain true financial freedom through savings and investments which can be scheduled conveniently. The app helps you to plan your finances, save towards life goals and invest in minimal risk investment options.

Get started on Pettysave and start earning interest on your savings and returns on your investments today!

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